No Program, No Problem?

No Program, No Problem?

Since I came back to riding, I’ve always been in a lesson program. I spent all of 2016 taking two lessons a week with TrainerMthat’s around 100 hours worth of equine education. But when Ezhno came back from his bout of stall rest in April 2017, the amount of lessons I was taking started to dwindle. Since I bought Raglan back in mid-July, I can count the number of lessons I’ve taken on one hand.

Part of the reason I moved to KW was to encourage myself to become more independent with my riding. Lessons are expensive, and while I don’t regret spending so much $$$ on them, sticking to a two lesson a week program isn’t really feasible for me. I always knew that I would eventually reach the point where lessons would become an occasional splurge rather than a weekly necessity.

Plus there’s only so much you can learn when your horse just needs a lot of wet saddle blankets.

I miss being deeply entrenched in a program, though! Some days it’s nice to ride in a quiet arena, but other times I miss chatting with other students while I tack my horse, or listening in on TrainerM and TrainerA while they give lessons, or riding alongside the kids on their lease ponies.

Yesterday I gave Rags a well deserved day off and spent some time grooming for TrainerA instead.

It felt good to be in the thick of things again, even if it was just for a few hours. At some point I want to be back at a facility with a lesson program (preferably with TrainerA and TrainerM!), but for now I’ll just have to be satisfied flying solo. The nice thing about having a horse is that you’re never really alone. 🙂

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