… and Learning to Move Forward

… and Learning to Move Forward

TrainerA came out on Sunday to show Ezhno to a potential buyer. I haven’t been riding Ezhno (just a bit of small walk/jog here and there), but he thrives on a chill lifestyle, so he was a complete angel. He even sidled up to a big ramp so that the potential buyer could get on him without straining her injured knee.

The last time I went to sell Ezhno, I was upset. This time my mind feels quiet. I’m tired and stressed from trying to sort everything out, but I don’t feel like I’m losing a piece of myself anymore. As much as I love him and appreciate everything he’s taught me, I just don’t enjoy riding him anymore. I don’t think it’s fair to prevent him from finding a new person, especially not if there’s a chance that continuing to struggle to afford him could make me feel bitter in the long run.

A reunion—and a final goodbye

Yesterday, after I got Raglan settled into his new stall (which is Ezhno’s old stall at the new barn), I introduced Ez to the Miley. It took 30 minutes to get Raglan into the trailer, but Ezhno (who has no practice with straight loads or with loading onto a trailer with a ramp) got on in 5 MINUTES.

Clearly he’s just the best horse ever ❤

Ezhno’s potential new owners live just off of a local trail system—like walk down the driveway and you’re there. Ezhno hauled like a pro (outside of his inability to back down the ramp, which is fair since we’ve never practiced it; we ended up twisting ourselves around to face forward and walking off that way). Then we turned him out in a pasture next to his new buddy.

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Ezhno settling into his potential new home today ♥

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He’s on trial for the next two weeks. The hope is that he’ll be a good trail horse so that the buyer and her husband can tackle the trails together. I feel good about the people and about his new lifestyle. I think they’ll be a great fit! Maybe I’ll feel more sad at the end of the month, but for now things are okay. 🙂

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