Learning to Trailer on the Job

Learning to Trailer on the Job

As much as I love KW, I knew there would come a time when I would want to have access to a full course of jumps without feeling cramped. SellerH moved all of her horses (and Ezhno) into a private barn ten minutes from my house at the start of the month. After some thought, I decided to move Raglan there, too.

Wednesday afternoon my normal tutoring gig up in the mountains was cancelled due to snow, so I did a little bit of maintenance on the Miley and then lunged Raglan and brought him to the outdoor arena for one last trailer loading practice session. It went… well, pretty terrible.

My face when my horse won’t get into the trailer the day before he really needs to get in the trailer. His face when he just wants me to give him the mints.

Yesterday morning my mother and I threw my tack trunk into the back of the truck, hooked up the trailer, and spent thirty minutes trying to coax Rags to get into the Miley. About halfway through I got frustrated, smacked him on the butt a couple of times, and then told him he was a cow and that I was going to leave him there. Of course, he immediately refused to get anywhere near the trailer, let alone into it. You’d think at some point I’d learn that getting upset never helps. Eventually I stopped raging in his general direction and apologized for losing my temper. He took a peppermint or two and then climbed aboard.


Rags spent the drive ripping away at a hay net loaded with a couple of flakes of alfalfa. I had BarnOwnerK skip him when she fed breakfast this morning, so he was pretty stoked to get to eat while we drove.

Driving a trailer with a horse in it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I actually didn’t feel nervous at all until I stopped at a light and there was a big bang from the trailer. Then I started to fret a little bit, but luckily it was only a twenty minute drive to the new barn.

Wandering around the new arena after he tried to kill me in the parking lot

When we pulled in and unloaded he was pretty amped up. The new barn has turkeys and the owners have a few mastiffs. Between the giant birds and the barking dogs, Rags spent a few minutes standing out in the parking lot blowing big gusts of air out through his nostrils. At some point he payed attention enough to let me drag him in through the barn and out into the arena, where he rolled like five times and trotted in circles around me (with minimal bouncing) for a few minutes before he chilled out.

Sticking his head out of his new stall. Barn tour to come!

And just like that, I hauled my first horse! Of course, my morning didn’t end there…

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