Another Year, Another 4-H Tack Sale

Another Year, Another 4-H Tack Sale

It’s that time of year again: the annual Snohomish County 4-H Tack Sale!

Remember back on Black Friday when I realized that I’ve been transformed into a total tack snob? Somewhere between November and March I completely forgot, HA HA HA.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I want to buy, but you can’t really find any of it at a 4-H tack sale. I’m at the point where I have everything I really need, so the stuff that I want is just a bunch of upgradesfancy brand name versions of stuff I’ve already got in a whole rainbow of pretty colors.

I’m still thinking about color schemes for Raglan, but I’m leaning towards this.

I only came home from the tack sale with a few things: a set of black cross ties, a pair of reins, a partially used can of Passier Lederbalsam (so sticky!), and the best lunge line ever.

When I left KW I also left behind my favorite red communal lunge line. I’m super picky, so I was happy to find the exact same one in blue at the tack sale.

I’m still working on paying off my credit card debt (Ezhno’s sale money took care of a huge chunk of it, though), but once that’s all paid off maybe I’ll start picking up a few fancy things.

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