Flatwork is Boooooring

Flatwork is Boooooring

I’m in a riding slump again! Not that it matters all that much, since my helmet came apart while I was taking it off the other day, so I’ve been waiting for my new one to be delivered.

I don’t know what’s up with me lately. I’ve been feeling super awkward in the saddle. I’ve had a lot of pain in the balls of my feet whenever I ride. My legs feel too loose. I can’t keep my stupid right shoulder back. My hands want to wiggle around when I know that they should stay still. UGH. 🙄

I mean, we’ve still been working on stuff, I just haven’t really been enjoying it.

Whenever I get on all I want to do is walk around on a loose rein, canter around like a yahoo, or jump over things. I’ve been in a very anti-dressage mindset; we’ve been kind of sloppy and I wish we had trails so that we could wander through the woods togethermaybe someday!

We’ll get back into the swing of things eventually, we always do! 😉

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