Back in the Swing of Things

Back in the Swing of Things

When it comes to riding, I’m a social creature. I’ve spent the last nine months riding in empty arenas. My time at 10M was mostly just Raglan and I hacking around at a walk with a little bit of cantering and some jumping thrown in. In short: I’ve been super lazy and unmotivated LOL.

Now that I’m back at the SEC, I’ve got friends to ride with again! It doesn’t matter what day or time I come to the barn, there’s always somebody around to talk to. I usually roll into the barn around noon and ride while TrainerA and/or TrainerM are teaching lessons. I didn’t realize how many of their students I’d become friends with until I started riding at the SEC again; I missed watching everyone progress!

Yesterday I brought Raglan over to the West Arena only to find two lessons running in it. Seven other horses in the arena meant there was no space to lunge (and the Main Arena was busy, too!), so I tossed my lunge line aside and climbed on. On top of no lunge and a busy arena, the wind was howling and there was a semi delivering a load of alfalfa. So many environmental factors to deal with, but Rags was PERFECT! A lot of people would hate all of that hubbub, but I love it.

Being surrounded by other riders has vastly improved the quality of my riding, too. It’s hard not to put in more effort when your trainer is in the arena and everyone around you is trying their best to improve! I feel like we’ve done more work over the past three days than we have over the last three months combined.

At some point in the next couple of weeks I want to get back on TrainerM’s lesson schedule. Summer is right around the corner and I’m so pumped for better weatherand show season!

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