Blog Hop: What’s your worth?

Blog Hop: What’s your worth?

I originally found this blog hop on Viva Carlos, but it can be traced back to Alaina @ Spotted Dressage!

As Equestrians… everything costs money, and it adds up quick.ย  Our expenses are often spread out which lessens the blow, but at the end of the day it’s still an expensive investment. We often discuss our reoccurring or random expenses, but what about the items we buy that last 1-10 years? I realize it varies daily depending on what you’re doing, what the season is, etc.ย  But on an average ride this time of year,

what’s your worth?

On a normal day, I get to the barn around noon. I take Raglan’s $70 sheet off at his stall and then put on his $0 leather halter (it came with him!) and his $13 lead rope (he chewed through his free one, the #brat). Once we’re back in the tack up area I pull out my grooming kit (which probably cost around $20, though I only use two of the brushes because Raglan is a delicate flower ๐Ÿ˜). I brush him and pick his feetโ€”he has a full set of shoes and his fronts have pads on them, a set up that costs me $135 every eight to ten weeks.

Throw back to Raglan in the most ridiculous of pajamas while getting a pedicure

Then I put on his $20 Lami-Cell saddle pad (I bought a few of them while they were on sale!). I keep his $200 Fleeceworks half pad attached to his $1500 Devoucoux Biarritz saddle (which needs to be replaced; it doesn’t fit us super great ๐Ÿ˜ช). I cinch the saddle on him with a $0 fleece girth (that I got from a lovely Instagram follower!), then I put his $0 HDR five point breastplate on (given to me by SellerH!). Some days I put on his $50 open front boots, but most days I don’t. Usually I run to the restroom and then come back and put on his $150 Ovation bridle (originally bought for Ezhno; definitely spent too much on this ๐Ÿ™„) with its $10 reins (found at a tack sale!), $2 rubber rein stoppers, and $25 eggbutt snaffle with a French link.

I think the Devoucoux is too wide for Raglan and the flaps are too long/not forward enough for me

Last but not least I slap on my $45 Ovation schooling helmet (in pink, duh) and yank on my $18 pair of mismatched gloves (the right one is worth $5 and the left one is worth $13; I lost the other half of each pair ๐Ÿ˜‚). I’m not super big on riding outfits. My top/jackets/etc. cost me $0 thanks to a bunch of mother-daughter trips to Value Village and I typically have on a pair of cheap $40 breeches and my $300 Tredstep Donatello field boots (+$50 for the new zippers and +$20 for their insoles).

Total daily worth: $2,668

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