All for Naught

All for Naught

At the end of my lesson last Friday I scheduled a training ride for Raglan. My hope was that TrainerM would be able to take Raglan over some jumps and give me some advice on what things we should be working on when it comes to the jumping piece. TrainerM warned me that she wasn’t going to jump if she felt like Raglan wasn’t game for it, so I made it my goal to spend the week preparing him for her!

TrainerM was impressed with how he was doing throughout the week, so while I tacked Rags up for her she set up a couple of jumps. Raglan had been exhausted after our ride the day before, so I didn’t pop him on the lunge line before I handed him over to her. BIG MISTAKE.

It was ridiculously warm all week, but Friday rolled around and the temp dropped 20°. TrainerM got on Raglan and he was just… not paying attention. He wasn’t being naughty and he was technically doing everything that she asked, but he wasn’t really tuned in. He kept gawking at what was happening outside.

She popped him on the lunge and he was certified crazy, like he had one speed and it was GALLOP.

When she got back on, he was slightly more focused but also twice as hot. He chomped on the bit and flung his head around and pranced about like an ostrich refusing to go forward. It took 45 minutes before he started to look even the tiniest bit compliant, at which point he immediately pulled his patented Raglan snap kick and charged off with all the fury of a horse riding to war. TrainerM was not impressed.

Raglan wasn’t impressed either; what a butthead

But even though TrainerM didn’t get a chance to jump my uncooperative steed, it was a really great training ride. It was great to get to watch a professional deal with Rags when he’s in a less than stellar mood.

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