Trailer Reno #4: The Paint

Trailer Reno #4: The Paint

As of Monday, the Miley is officially in a state that I’d consider #FINISHED. In fact, I actually listed it on Facebook yesterday evening and have somebody coming out to look at it this morning. Fingers crossed!


The process of painting the Miley started a month ago, when FriendJ and I came out on a sunny May day to tackle the monumental task together. We were equipped with a couple of hand drills, a very long extension cord, a pair of drill cup wire brushes, a step ladder, two gallons of , and a set of paint brushes I picked up at the dollar store (PSA: don’t get your brushes from the dollar store, they will fall apart and you’ll have to replace them halfway through).

We pulled the mats out of the trailer (to keep them safe from paint!) and chipped away as much of the big spots of rust as we could. Then we got to work sanding down the surface rust. FriendJ was a complete gem and did the parts that were hard to reach, like the inside ceiling of the trailer, while I started putting paint down on the easy to reach surfaces. It was super hot out and what seemed like an easy job quickly became tedious. All in all we spent six hours working on the trailer… and we weren’t even close to finished.

Outside partially done, inside barely started 😭

Before I left for the day I opened up the container of SteelStik I’d found at the hardware store. SteelStik is a putty like material with two different components that you knead together in your hands. Then you mold it to the problem area and let it harden. I used it to fill in a big gap on the front of the Miley.

After that I took a two week hiatus from the Miley to recharge before I came back out to wrap up the paint job. Painting the ceiling of the trailer sucked (I got so much enamel in my hair and that shit does not wash out), but it was super satisfying to get all of those green accents covered up! It was probably another four hours of painting before the whole thing was #DONE.

Then it was just a matter of cutting and screwing in a new pair of mats for the front of the trailer (chest height for the horses), sanding the rust off of the hub caps (a brilliant idea courtesy of FriendJ!), dragging the floor mats back in, taking a lot of photos, writing an ad, and posting it to Facebook!

Painting was a lot more work than I originally expected it to be. If I was doing it again I’d break it into two hour chunks to avoid the heat of the day. But the end results are worth it in my books!

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