Lesson Recap: Find the Float

Lesson Recap: Find the Float

This is LATE LATE LATE and #SORRY. This lesson actually happened last last Saturday (the 2nd), but I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write about it until now. 😅

StevieO and I banked a free lesson from helping out with a Girl Scouts event last month, so when we showed up to the barn and InstructorA had a cancellation that left her noon lesson slot open we jumped on the opportunity. I’ve actually never taken a lesson with InstructorA before, but I’ve ridden during her lessons and I really admire her as a rider, so I was very excited to learn from her!

InstructorA and her horse Kody during a clinic with Olympic coach Daniel Stewart

During our warm up InstructorA focused in on our trot (booooo, our least favorite gait!). We talked a lot about self-carriage and encouraging Raglan to be light and floaty. InstructorA helped me find his best possible working trot by having me use my post to find the spot where his front and back legs synced up. I could physically feel everything start to click into place when we got the right trot.

Side note: check out my awesome outfit, I love it ❤

Finding that spot in the canter was a lot harder. I’ve been keeping Raglan’s head up to stop him from getting on the forehand, but now that he’s stronger its time for me to start lifting his belly and letting his neck come down into frame more. He still feels too “fast” at the canter (AKA not floaty enough), but he’s definitely at the point where he can canter along with his neck level without immediately dumping onto the forehand.

InstructorA had some ground poles set up in a three stride(ish, I didn’t count #ashamed) line. Raglan went over the first ground pole and then blasted off (typical gigantor), so we spent the rest of the lesson taking circles in the middle of the line and changing things up to prevent him from just booking it to the second ground pole. At some point he’ll learn to wait when I tell him to wait. MAYBE.

Finding that floaty feeling and keeping an organized pace after tiny jumps/ground poles has been the theme of our rides since then. I’m loving the progress that Raglan is making!

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