Lesson Recap: We Jumped! :D

Lesson Recap: We Jumped! :D

Right off the bat TrainerM wanted me to close my hip angle more. She said I was riding too upright, like a dressage rider, and that she wanted me to take my seat out of the equation. When I ride a course I should be doing it all in my half seat, which means that Raglan needs to be operating off of leg, hand, and voice only.

We warmed up quickly and then TrainerM had me shorten my reins way way way up and find my two point. She coached me on loosening up my arms so that I could follow more (“row your horse boat!”). TrainerM wants me to put my irons up another hole or two, but the flap of the Devoucoux just can’t accommodate that. We’re both super excited for Raglan and I to find a new saddle!

Very tiny hint of saddle things to come… Expect more on this next week!

TrainerM set up some trot poles with a crossrail oxer at the end. It very quickly became a vertical and then, finally, a 2’3″ oxer. She gave me a really hard job to do: grab mane and do NOTHING.

I’ve been coming out of my two point too early over jumps, so TrainerM wanted me stay down near his neck for a few strides after the oxer. It felt great to just sit up there and let Raglan do his job!

Look how ridiculously beautiful my horse is, I can’t even 😍
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