Back to Black (And Blue?)

Back to Black (And Blue?)

I’ve always been partial to black tack. If I’m being honest, brown is like… my least favorite color. You won’t find a single item of brown clothing in my closet. I’ve ended up with brown tack because that’s the easier-to-find “norm” in the hunter/jumper community, but the moment I decided to go custom I knew I was going to return to my roots and order my saddle in black.

Look at how gorgeous he’s going to be in black tack!

A brand new black saddle means that I’m also going to need brand new black accessories, obviously. Since Raglan did me a favor by breaking his reins during some photoshoot shenanigans (joke’s on you, buddy), step one of Project Blackout was to acquire a new schooling bridle set.

But then I was like, what’s the point of a schooling bridle if it’s not a little extra?


Enter Two Horse Tack, a custom tack shop near Lexington, Kentucky, that specializes in handmade beta biothane tack. What is beta biothane, you ask? Beta biothane is a web coated nylon that is stronger, more durable, and easier to clean than leather. Its color doesn’t fade with time, it can be washed in a washing machine or a dishwasher, and it doesn’t absorb moisture or sweat, which makes it less likely to rub or irritate. On top of that, it also weighs 20% less than leather.

It’s hilariously easy to pick out my new bridle on the rack

I’ve wanted to try beta biothane tack for a while now, so my broken reins gave me the perfect excuse to put in an order. I got the two color English Convert-a-Bridle and a set of Riding Reins, then threw a pair of Stirrup “Leathers” into my cart so that I’d get free shipping.


Two Horse Tack discourages people from sending in custom measurements—I assume they’ve had too many people fudge it up and then blame them when their products don’t fit—so I sent in some info about Raglan and crossed my fingers that the bridle would fit. Like my last bridle (a horse-sized Ovation hunter bridle) my new beta biothane bridle looked very big when I opened the box. I had to put it up on its top holes for it to fit Raglan (giant horse, why you have such tiny head?), but the nice thing about beta biothane is that it was super easy to take a pair of scissors and trim away all of the extra material.

Closeup so that you can see how nicely everything trimmed up

The fit on the bridle is a little awkward in the noseband area, so if you’re the type that likes to keep your noseband on the tight side you might want to go for the regular English model instead of the cheaper $40 Convert-a-Bridle. It doesn’t bother me and the way the noseband is attached has an added benefit of stabilizing the bit in his mouth so that it can’t move around as much.

What his new bridle looks like while he’s working—CUTE CUTE CUTE

I ordered the reins in standard width (5/8″) and a ten foot length, which was definitely a mistake LOL. After using a pair of really thick rubber kids reins for the past couple of weeks, it turns out that I actually like having wide reins. And ten feet seemed like the right amount, but they’re definitely longer than any pair of reins I’ve used beforeit’s kind of hilarious how much rein hangs down when I two point. I’m adjusting, but they’ll probably end up as my backup pair of reins at some point. They were only $17, though!

Long long loooooooooooooong reins hanging super low

The beta biothane leathers drew me in because they won’t rub your saddle or stretch, plus Two Horse Tack offers a “Short Adult” size (48″) that leaves me just the right amount of extra to feed through the keepers. They felt bulky at the buckle at first, but now that I’ve ridden in them they’ve flattened out nicely.

Love that they don’t stretch out and they’re super gentle on the saddle

At some point we’ll need a show bridle (black with pink padding?), but before that happens I want to replace my brown HDR five point breastplate with a black one and order a girth that will fit my new monoflap saddle. I foresee some brown tack Instagram giveaways in my future…

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