Smoke Season

Smoke Season

The day after our trip down to Bridle Trails, the smoke rolled in. The west coast’s air quality has been bouncing back and forth from moderate to unhealthy for the last two weeks, but it seriously tanked on Monday. I haven’t done more than putz around bareback since our last lesson. 😭

I’m not a mushy person. A lot of people love to spend time just bonding with their horses, but that’s never been me. Sure, I like the quiet moments where Raglan plays outside in the field and I hunker down in the grass to read a good book, but when it comes down to it the reason I own a horse is so that I can ride. Not being able to rideto be working, training, developing, improving—is sucky.

Yesterday the rain came and shooed away some of the smoke. After four days of being cooped up, Raglan pretty much had a mental breakdown when I went to put his halter on. I managed to wrangle him into submission, then I threw him into the round pen and he ran and ran and ran.

When he was done being a whackadoodle I hosed him off, put a bareback pad on, and meandered around the arena in big stretchy trot serpentine loops while SundaeO worked on her pony’s jog. When I left work yesterday evening, I got my first look at a blue sky in… well, it’s been awhile.

As I type, we’re sitting pretty at a an AQI of 58—moderate air quality, which means its safe to work horses that don’t have a history of respiratory disorders. I’m about to head the barn and have a real, honest to god, ride. We’ll probably do a couple flying changes and everything.

If the rest of the west coast could stop being on fire, that’d be stellar. 👍

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