Quarterly Goals: Autumn 2018

Quarterly Goals: Autumn 2018

════ SUMMER WRAP UP ════

Ride outside more often Still not our favorite thing to do, but he’s definitely improved out there.
Raglan’s first trail ride It was short, but thanks to InstructorA we did get a chance to go on a trail!
Sell Miley & pay off debt All of my debt isn’t gone, but selling the Miley did pay off a chunk.
Buy a saddle that fits us Still waiting for delivery, but I’m so excited for the Prestige!
Practice a dressage test We did some of the movements from a couple of tests, but no full run through.
Jump a full course Can’t remember what day we did this, but I’m 95% sure that it happened.

════ AUTUMN GOALS ════

Improve his flying changes

Adjust to riding in the Prestige

Jump twice a week, every week

Clinic OR schooling show

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