Bridle Trails, Take 3

Bridle Trails, Take 3

Win #1 of Sunday: Raglan got into the trailer with absolutely no dangerous antics. It took a lot of coaxing (and InstructorA patting him on the butt), but he did it! The more I load and unload him, the more I realize that his anxiety is all centered around stepping up into the trailer with his back feet. If you give him the time to think about what his feet are doing and don’t pressure him, he does well.

Win #2: I tacked Raglan up and we walked around (with the stud chain on) with NO PROBLEMS. We went down by the warmup rings, stopped to watch a couple of people jump their rounds, and went down the lane a couple of times. A horse spooked behind us at one point and his reaction was one small strike with a front footvery tame, so well behaved! I felt super safe walking him around on a loose lead.

Win #3: He learned a lot of patience. Since I was tacked up western we didn’t ride in the warmup (we def would have gotten kicked out), so instead Raglan got to spend a lot of time just chilling. He stood tied outside of the restroom and then outside of the arena while I watched InstructorA ride through the warm up. He wiggled and pawed, but eventually he stood and waited like a good boy.

Win #4: When I finally bridled him up and got on, he got very tense, very quickly. I dismounted after only a couple of minutes and I ended up walking beside him on one of the trails. BUT! He settled after another short break and I was able to get back on and ride around one of the trails with InstructorA. It’s a huge victory that he got upset and then was able to calm down and carry on.

Honestly, I’m just so in love with this horse! Every time we haul somewhere he gets a little bit more manageable. Hopefully once our saddle gets delivered (probably about two more weeks!) we can get out to some schooling shows to ride some real over fences classes. 💗

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