Lesson Recap: Counting Down

Lesson Recap: Counting Down

After Raglan’s busy day on Sunday, I didn’t bother lunging before our Monday lesson. He came out ready to work and his warm up went spectacular. There was a tight two stride set up in the arena. I was still a little bit gun shy after our problems in last week’s lesson, so we jumped each part separately (yay, slices!), then looped back around and stitched them together in a line. He hesitated going in, but he got it done 💗

TrainerM arrived and while she adjusted the line of jumps down to a one stride, she sent us to trot over some half-raised cavaletti. We’d already done this a few times during our warmup, but now that Raglan’s jump mode was activated he suddenly didn’t know what to do at the trot. He tried to canter/leap through it, so I had to wait for his brain to reset before we could trot it like a normal horse 😂

Once the distance was adjusted, we trotted into the line a couple of times. Raglan was being super steady, so it gave me a chance to try to figure out my eq while he happily hopped along. Watching him lunge over the bounce last week helped me visualize just how much of his neck he uses while he jumps, so I’m doing a better job of giving him the space he needs so I don’t catch him in the mouth. I’m still having a hard time getting down the timing of the two point, though. I just need 1,000,000 hours of practice!

Cantering into the jumps was FABULOUS. TrainerM had us count down into our first fence. I love this exercise and I’m generally pretty good at it! The best part was that when we came in at a slightly off distance and I knew I wasn’t going to make my count I could tell Raglan to take the long or to chip-in slightly to make it work. I’m really proud he’s willing to take my input like that!

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