Winter Plans

Winter Plans

This weekend I did some cost comparisons between horse shows in my area. The results? EXPENSIVE.

Remember when I ordered the $4,000 saddle? I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT, UNIVERSE

If I wanted to compete at a local eventing show, the weekend would come out to $520 after all of the memberships and fees were sorted out. A weekend at a C-rated Hunter/Jumper show would cost me $700, minimum. A USHJA “Outreach” show (the USHJA’s version of schooling shows) would be at least $370. That’s a lot of $$$ for a horse that may or may not show up with his game face on.


Luckily, my area has a couple other schooling show options. Hauling into the Lake Washington Saddle Club shows for a division of classes comes out to about $120. With the summer over, though, I’ve got my eyes set on our local winter series: the Burkwood Farm Schooling Shows.

Last time I rode in one of the Burkwood shows was back in November 2016

The hunter/jumper section of my lesson program is going through some major changes. Over the past month TrainerM has been slowly phasing out of her teaching position. She leaves for a family vacation in October, at which point LJO will be taking over all of her jumping students. TrainerM will still be around, but LJO will be spearheading the hunter/jumper piece of the R2R program. It’s a big change, but it’s also something that I’m very excited for! LJO is very involved in the local H/J community and she has big plans to help build my barn’s H/J team. I might finally get the big jumping family I’ve been hoping for!

Group photo from the last time our little team went to a show together

LJO plans to take all of her students to the Burkwood series. The Burkwood shows run in mid November, late January, and early March. Stabling, schooling, and office fees for the weekend come to $125, plus $20 per class. It’ll be the perfect environment for Raglan’s first over fences classes!

I plan to play what classes we enter by ear. Hopefully all goes well and we can do the 18″ hunter division during the November show, the 0.65m (2’1″) division in January, and ultimately end the season competing at 0.70m (2’3″). I’d love LOVE LOVE to be able to take him into at least one Jumper Classic (and maybe even win some $$? long shot, but we’ll see!). As long as Raglan’s confidence keeps growing I’ll be ecstatic.

no mahm give me dem BIG jompies plz, ready NAO

This winter will be our first real foray into competing over fences, and I can’t be more excited! There are so many doors that will be open to us when Raglan settles into his role as a show pony. 💗

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