The End of an Era

The End of an Era

Last Monday marked a turning point for my life at the barn: it was my last lesson with TrainerM.

I think Raglan and I gave her a really solid final ride!

She’s headed back to her home state for a long vacation, then she intends to pursue real estate in the greater Seattle area. She’ll still be around to cover lessons for TrainerA and throw the occasional clinic, but she’s officially out of the weekly instructor rotation. A big chapter is closing in my lesson program!

TrainerM on Ezhno—the horse AND the trainer that rebuilt my confidence together 💗

Watching TrainerM go (even on a not quite 100% basis) is bittersweet. I spent two years, seven months, and three days under TrainerM’s tutelage. She’s been with me for my entire journey as an adult equestrian. She guided me over my first cross rail, my first vertical, my first oxer. She helped me buy my first horse, then gave me the strength and confidence to move onto bigger and better things with Raglan.

TrainerM testing out Raglan before I got on him for the very first time

There’s no one that has had a larger effect on my abilities as an equestrian than TrainerM. I’d go so far as to say that my foundation as a rider is built on the countless hours she’s spent teaching me.

Jumping my very first oxer under TrainerM’s watchful eye—I def fell off LMAO

As I push forward into a TrainerM-less future, I’ve found myself trying to catalogue all of the skills that she’s taught me. It’s an impossible task. So much of my understanding of timing, theory, and biomechanics is rooted in the lessons that I took with her. It’s more than just “inside leg to outside rein” and “lift his belly, pick up his shoulders” and “feel his inside hind come underneath him”. It would take 946 days for me to properly convey just how much the time TrainerM put into my development as a rider means to me.

TrainerM walking alongside Raglan and I at his very first show

More than anything, I’m so grateful for all the times when TrainerM could have given me a harsh word or given up on me completely, but instead offered me kindness, compassion, and patience. My progress as a rider hasn’t always been an easy road. For a long time, my anxiety made it hard for me to function. There were days when I couldn’t even without succumbing to a state of panic, let alone jump.

Raglan and I jumping our first 2’3″ oxer while TrainerM held the camera and encouraged us

Throughout it all, TrainerM has pushed me to do better, without breaking me.

TrainerM jumping Raglan over a 2’9″ vertical

Yesterday I started the next leg of my journey with LJO, who’s taking over TrainerM’s lesson duties. I am beyond excited to continue learning under a new teacher, but I’ll never forget everything that TrainerM has taught me and I wish her all the happiness on her new path! 💕

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