Final Takeaways from the Mane Event

Final Takeaways from the Mane Event

My biggest takeaway from my weekend at the Mane Event is that Raglan is a spoiled brat LOL 😂

a beautiful, incredibly handsome spoiled brat

In all seriousness, after watching how professional the horses participating in the George Morris clinic were, I realized how much work there is left to be done. Raglan’s come a long way in the past year, but there’s a lot of improvements to makebetter ground manners, stronger lateral work/lead changes, more confidence over fences, gentler response to rider feedback, exposure to crowds/strange jumps, etc.

and if he could stop doing THIS that would be just excellent

First and foremost, I need to do more groundwork. Raglan’s naturally a butthead, but I also can’t remember the last time we worked in the round pen or practiced our showmanship. It’s hard for him to learn manners if I’m not putting in the effort to teach him to be polite. I think if I can whoop his ass on the ground a couple of times he’ll be a much better citizenand I’ll feel more confident around him.

Equipment wise, there are a couple of changes that I need to make. I need to start lengthening my stirrup leathers for flatwork. I also need to put my spurs back on my boots and start carrying a whip.

From a riding perspective, there’s also a lot for me to work on. My stupid hands need to HOLD STILL (UGH) and I need to focus more on that central concept of inside leg to outside rein. No matter what I’m doing, all of my control should come from my inside leg and outside rein. And apparently we also need to do a lot more shoulder in and counter canter. More purposeful flatwork, #jumpingdressage!

But the biggest realization that I had over my Canadian weekend is that I need help. Dealing with Raglan has been a struggle for the past few weeks. I’m not properly equipped to continue his education over fences. It’s time for me to step aside and let a professional teach him to be the horse I want him to be.

Proud of how far I’ve brought him, but it’s time for him to get some REAL jump schools!

So Raglan officially goes into training at the start of November! I’m very excited to give him this opportunity to grow and improve under TrainerK’s guidance.

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