Shopping @ the Mane Event

Shopping @ the Mane Event

Three hours of George Morris a day decimated my brain cells. When I wasn’t furiously scribbling down notes, I was wandering around the expo hall, admiring all of the booths and occasionally watching snippets of other presentations. I saw a little bit of Doug Mills’s work with problem horses, Shannon Dueck’s dressage exercises, Jill Barron’s intro to working equitation, and Juliette Cimetiere’s liberty work. I also loved watching Severin Pederson, Jason Irwin, and Evan Bonner break colts for the Trainer’s Challenge.

One of the colts being used for the colt starting competition SO CUTE

Of course, I also did a lot of shopping. Or, more specifically, a lot of daydreaming. There were a lot of things I wanted, like Ogilvy half pads, fancy custom boots, super squishy ANKY saddle pads, C4 belts, halters with pink padding, floral breeches, patterned sunshirts…

But I came to Canada with a very specific list of things that I could buy, and while there were a lot of things I was interested in, not many booths were offering discounts. Even with the exchange rate in my favor, almost everything was still full price. WHAT’S THE POINT IF I’M NOT GETTING A DISCOUNT?

Luckily, I did track down a shop that had a lot of discounted merchandise on offer. They even had a few XC vests on sale for 25% off, including the Airowear Outlyne that I’ve been eying.

List price is usually around $350, I got it for $280 🙌

They also had a tub filled with clothing for $10 CAD a piece (which comes out to ~$7.50 in USD). I picked up a comfy grey long sleeve shirt, two fancy collared shirts, and a warm zip up sweater.

And of course I also purchased Raglan a new pink rope halter (~$15), plus I shelled out the cash for one of Steve Rother’s heavy thirteen foot lead ropes ($30). It wasn’t really a necessary expense, but I like to think of it as a way to commit myself to doing more groundwork with Raglan from here on out.

My shopping splurge didn’t end when I made it back to America, though. Since Canada didn’t cross off all of the items on my “STUFF TO BUY” list, I did the dangerous thing and took to the Internet. I ordered a new bridle (a Micklem, which looks very handsome on Raglan and also comes with reins that I like), a black HDR breastplate to replace our brown one, and a pair of Andis body clippers.

We borrowed a barnmate’s Micklem to try on. LOOK AT HOW HANDSOME HE IS. Now I’m waiting on my orders to be delivered!

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve spent all of that Prestige refund money. 😅

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