My First Aid Kit (Seven Months Later)

My First Aid Kit (Seven Months Later)

Bless the gods, for my horse has been mostly healthy and whole since I made my first aid kit in April.


Of course, the other day he got into a fight with the metal hay cart. He didn’t mess himself up too badly, but he did end up with a cut on the inside of his left hind canon. I cleaned it off, gooped it up with Corona, and then took him over to TrainerK, who put the leg in a standing wrap to help with swelling.

My first aid education isn’t very expansive. I grew up riding in rundown, backyard farmsI’d never even heard of standing wraps, let alone put them on before. TrainerK recommended that I start reading some of the Pony Club handbooks to learn more about first aid and general horsemanship! I’d love to explore the possibility of joining a club through the Horsemasters program at some point.

In the mean time, I set aside some time to sort back through my first aid kit.

The first thing I did was reduce how much clutter is in the kit. I went from twelve rolls of vet tape to four, squashed the human first aid kit into a smaller bag, and generally cut the amount of items in the box in half without eliminating anything entirely. All the extras got tucked away in storage at home. I’ve got less materials, but everything is also much easier to find now!

Human first aid kit (sunscreen, ibuprofen, Tums, chapstick, cough drops, band aids, triple antibiotic ointment, moleskin, etc.) narrowed down into one pouch.

Since I already had everything out of the kit (is it possible to get organized without taking the entire thing apart? I think not), I also moved some items around. I folded all of the clean towns and put them in an easy to reach spot. I moved hand/feet warmers up into the top tray where I could find them. I took the Corona ointment and a pair of scissors out and put them in my grooming tote, since I use them so frequently.

I think it’s really important to organize your kit in a way that makes things more efficient for daily use!

Top tray in the first aid kit has vet wrap, wound pads, antiseptic wipes, hand warmers, clippers, fly spray, a Cliff bar, and scissors.

Last of all, I cleaned out a spot underneath the tray for a set of pillow/standing wraps. I ordered two pairs of Cotton Pillow Leg Wraps Bandages (14″ for the front legs, 16″ for the back) and a set of Vac’s Flannel Stable Bandage Standing Wraps. I think they’ll be a great addition to my kit.

They’ll go right in that big empty spot on the right, underneath the top tray!

Consider this your reminder to go through your first aid kit! Rearrange, reorganize, restock, and consider adding a few additional supplies as needed. Or, if you don’t have one already, maybe it’s time to start one!

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