The End of a Long Wait

The End of a Long Wait

I know what you’re wondering: was the fifteen week wait worth it?

Let me just start off by stating the obvious: it’s BEAUTIFUL. The pink piping is exactly what I wanted it to be and the leather is super soft but seems durable. Plus it looks so good on Raglan.

It’s a minimalist saddle that takes the idea of “close contact” very seriously, with a monoflap design, no back blocks/bulky knee rolls, and small knee blocks that I would have to be in serious trouble to hit.

Riding in the Passion K has been a completely new experience. I feel so much more freedom of movement! At the canter it gives me a lovely floating feeling that I can’t get enough of. Plus the narrower twist and the lack of a second flap suits me better too; my thighs and my pelvis don’t have to open as far and the sharp pain I used to get in my inner thigh hasn’t resurfaced since I started riding in the Passion K.

The seat is comfortable, but not so squishy that it invites you to hunker down in it. It’s a saddle that inspires you to get up and out of it, to ride lightly and stay forward. It’s there to help you stay balanced and with the horse, but not to pin you down—the opposite of the Devoucoux Biarritz, which wanted me to SIT SIT SIT.

The drastic change has left me feeling shaky—”vulnerable” is the word TrainerK used—but I can tell that when I build the strength of core and leg that I need to stay more stable in it, it’s going to be fabulous.

With the change in equipment and the month or so that I haven’t been riding, it almost feels like starting back over again. I’ve really appreciated the mental break. It’s given me the space I needed to stop fixating on the falls I took, and watching Raglan succeed with a pro has given me a big dose of confidence. The first few rides were tough, but now I’m back in a position where I feel like I can start trusting my horse again.

I’m excited to build my strength up so that we can start jumping again—and this time I’ll know that I have TrainerK to back me up if I start to feel like I’m not able to school Raglan as effectively as I’d like!

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