Welcome to the adventures of an adult amateur! I’m a 1995 model with ten years of childhood experience that came back to horses at the start of 2016 after taking a five year hiatus.

I started out my return to equestrian sports by leasing a cute palomino pony and then I purchased a gentleman of a performance horse in September 2016. He gave me so much confidence that I bought Arms War, my 16.3hh 2012 OTTB gelding, in July 2017 with the hope of persuing my passion: jumping! Ultimately, I want Raglan and I to be able to try three day eventing and compete in the local jumper circuit.

When I’m not at the barn, I tutor part time, write articles for Women Write About Comics, and review books for IndieReader.

You can read the long version of my story here and you can follow me on Instagram here!


Arms War “RAGLAN” ▸ 16.3hh 2012 OTTB
Raglan was originally bred in California and ran his last race at Emerald Downs in June 2016. He was sold to his first off-track buyer for $3,000, then was rescued by his previous owner in February 2017. I found him on Facebook and purchased him for $1,000 in July 2017, at which point he had about 60 days of post-track riding on him, including a small start over cross rails.

JMJ Rockin Champagne “EZHNO” 15.3hh 2009 APHA
The first horse I purchased for myself. I knew he wasn’t fit to jump, but I bought him anyways because of his steady personality. He started my education on developing green horses, plus humored me over fences until he went lame in January of 2017. He came back from stall rest a literal monster, but is back to being a stand up fellow and currently being leased part time.


Luxurious “LEXI” 16.3hh 2010 APHA
When Ezhno went lame, Trainer A passed me the reins of this wonderful giant project horse. Lexi was even more green than Ezhno—her steering was unreliable at the trot and her canter resembled the charge of a freight train—but she was also the nicest mare I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s currently for sale and is being looked at by a wonderful young 4-H student from our lesson program.

Liberty Belle “BELLE” 13.3hh 2008 Welsh/Quarter Pony
Best naughty lease pony ever. When I started riding again in early 2016, this pony taught me how to jump and saved my ass over fences more times than I can countthough she did dirt check me a couple of times, just so I’d learn some lessons. I jumped my first fence, rode my first course, tackled my first oxer, and went to my first hunter schooling show on her.

Prairie hRayne “HRAYNE” ▸ 15.3hh-ish 2005? Grade
Silent H, like my last name. My very first horse, bought for me when I was twelve and she was only two years old. My grandparents purchased her for me from a family friend in Wyoming. Needless to say, she became a shining example of the saying “green + green = black and blue”. I sold her when I was fifteen, then got rid of all of my tack and gave up riding entirely for the next five years.

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