Flower Boxes & an Oxer

Flower Boxes & an Oxer

Oxers have always made me nervous. I think it stems back to the first time I jumped an oxer, when I got left behind and Belle the Pony yanked me down her neck and over her head on landing.

I’ll be the first to admit to self-deprecating humor when I named this blog “Two Hearts One Oxer”

On Saturday I was down at Aspen Farms taking photos at their eventing derby. I hung around until 5:30 to watch the Preliminary riders. During their course walk a group of them were talking about part of the course when one of them said, “It’s just an oxer, it’s not like it’s a rolltop or a table.” Talk about perspective! 😅

I love taking photos at shows, it’s so inspiring!

The next day we got out SellerH’s flower boxes and filled them with fake dollar store blossoms.

I lunged Rags over the flowers. He jumped the snot out of them at first! But the jumps were easy peasy and watching how effortlessly he hops over these little fences always gives me a confidence boost. By the time I was done lunging I knew the jumps would be a piece of cake.

We warmed up with the ungarnished cross rail, then started playing around over the decorated jumps. We hopped over the lines from the trot and from the canter without any problems, and it felt like we could have jumped the moon togetherso I set up the oxer.

It was the first time I felt truly brave taking him over jumps! Even when I lost my reins and had to scramble to get them back while Raglan dive-bombed through a corner, I felt strong and capable. There’s a lot that needs work, but having a bit of that fearlessness back makes me feel good about our future.

New Junk & the Resurrection of the Donatello

New Junk & the Resurrection of the Donatello


And then the Bony Pony was having their spring sale, so I picked up another pair of cheap Ovation breeches ($35) and a pair of Kerrits ($55) I’ve wanted for close to forever.

At the check out I asked which rain sheets they had in stock. The lowest price she had in a 78″ was a $75 Saxon. I was going to pass, but then she told me it came in Grey/Rose (AKA PINK), so…

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have also noticed the return of my much beloved Tredstep Donatello field boots. I coughed up $55 and had a local shoe repair place put new zippers in them. Those half chaps have done me a great service, but I’m glad to have my tall boots back!

On top of all of that, I just ordered a new pair of irons. I’ve been having some discomfort in my feet while I ride and I’m hoping the wide foot bed of the Kavalkade Alu irons (an $80 knockoff of the Jin irons that people love) will help. Those are on backorder, though, so I won’t have them for another week.

Add all of that up and you’ve got a whopping $300 I’ve spent in the past couple of weeksthat’s nothing to sneeze at. But selling Ezhno and moving to a cheaper barn means that all the money I just spent (on products that will hopefully last a long time) stings a lot less. I still cringe when I make a purchase, but I don’t feel as bad as I used to when I look at the receipt later.

Let’s not talk about the $1,350 in repairs that my truck got this morning.

Flatwork is Boooooring

Flatwork is Boooooring

I’m in a riding slump again! Not that it matters all that much, since my helmet came apart while I was taking it off the other day, so I’ve been waiting for my new one to be delivered.

I don’t know what’s up with me lately. I’ve been feeling super awkward in the saddle. I’ve had a lot of pain in the balls of my feet whenever I ride. My legs feel too loose. I can’t keep my stupid right shoulder back. My hands want to wiggle around when I know that they should stay still. UGH. 🙄

I mean, we’ve still been working on stuff, I just haven’t really been enjoying it.

Whenever I get on all I want to do is walk around on a loose rein, canter around like a yahoo, or jump over things. I’ve been in a very anti-dressage mindset; we’ve been kind of sloppy and I wish we had trails so that we could wander through the woods togethermaybe someday!

We’ll get back into the swing of things eventually, we always do! 😉

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