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New Junk & the Resurrection of the Donatello

New Junk & the Resurrection of the Donatello


And then the Bony Pony was having their spring sale, so I picked up another pair of cheap Ovation breeches ($35) and a pair of Kerrits ($55) I’ve wanted for close to forever.

At the check out I asked which rain sheets they had in stock. The lowest price she had in a 78″ was a $75 Saxon. I was going to pass, but then she told me it came in Grey/Rose (AKA PINK), so…

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have also noticed the return of my much beloved Tredstep Donatello field boots. I coughed up $55 and had a local shoe repair place put new zippers in them. Those half chaps have done me a great service, but I’m glad to have my tall boots back!

On top of all of that, I just ordered a new pair of irons. I’ve been having some discomfort in my feet while I ride and I’m hoping the wide foot bed of the Kavalkade Alu irons (an $80 knockoff of the Jin irons that people love) will help. Those are on backorder, though, so I won’t have them for another week.

Add all of that up and you’ve got a whopping $300 I’ve spent in the past couple of weeksthat’s nothing to sneeze at. But selling Ezhno and moving to a cheaper barn means that all the money I just spent (on products that will hopefully last a long time) stings a lot less. I still cringe when I make a purchase, but I don’t feel as bad as I used to when I look at the receipt later.

Let’s not talk about the $1,350 in repairs that my truck got this morning.

Another Year, Another 4-H Tack Sale

Another Year, Another 4-H Tack Sale

It’s that time of year again: the annual Snohomish County 4-H Tack Sale!

Remember back on Black Friday when I realized that I’ve been transformed into a total tack snob? Somewhere between November and March I completely forgot, HA HA HA.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I want to buy, but you can’t really find any of it at a 4-H tack sale. I’m at the point where I have everything I really need, so the stuff that I want is just a bunch of upgradesfancy brand name versions of stuff I’ve already got in a whole rainbow of pretty colors.

I’m still thinking about color schemes for Raglan, but I’m leaning towards this.

I only came home from the tack sale with a few things: a set of black cross ties, a pair of reins, a partially used can of Passier Lederbalsam (so sticky!), and the best lunge line ever.

When I left KW I also left behind my favorite red communal lunge line. I’m super picky, so I was happy to find the exact same one in blue at the tack sale.

I’m still working on paying off my credit card debt (Ezhno’s sale money took care of a huge chunk of it, though), but once that’s all paid off maybe I’ll start picking up a few fancy things.

Getting Geared Up

Getting Geared Up

I haven’t been the best blogger the past few weeks. Things are moving so quickly that it feels like the moment I think of a post to write, I’m already three days too late. It’s part of the joy of having a green horse; sometimes progress happens so fast its hard to keep track of all of the little things. 😅

We’ve made some tack changes that I wanted to make sure I put down on here! I started to think about my tack right before my last lesson, when I had a series of not so great rides where Raglan was being a fussy baby about contact. I got a little advice from TrainerA, and then the experimentation began!

“mom, dis too many straps on face”

First thing I did was switch up the bit that we were using. I had been putzing around in a simple single jointed loose ring snaffle, but when he started acting up I messaged SellerH to find out what he went in before I bought him. She suggested I get a double jointed bit, so off to the Bony Pony I went! I tried two French link bits, a loose ring and an eggbutt. At first I didn’t love the fixed sides of the eggbutt (I felt like it made the reaction time of the bit much slower, like I was talking to him with a layer of cotton around my hands), but in the end I decided it was a better fit for us. I felt like the eggbutt was more forgiving of my not-always-awesome hands, and that he was more willing to stay with it than the loose ring.

The loose ring (left) is designed so that the bit isn’t stuck in one place and the rings can rotate, whereas the eggbutt (right) has a fixed cheek, so the ring can’t be rotated or moved around.

TrainerA also recommended I add a flash to Raglan’s noseband to prevent him from opening his mouth to avoid the contact while he’s being educated on the virtues of the horse-rider-handshake. This is something I had to do for Ezhno when he was first learning about contact, too. I don’t happen to own a flash, but I do have a figure 8, so I went ahead and added that to the mix after I was done playing with different bits.

Normal cavesson (left) versus the figure 8 (right). The figure 8 is designed to hold the mouth closed and prevent the horse from crossing his jaw without interfering with his airway.

The last addition to the mix is more for me than him: a running martingale. There have been a couple of moments during some of his I-don’t-want-to-go-forward tantrums where he’s gotten a little too close to my face. As a rider, I feel eight times more confident when I’ve got a martingale in my corner and I know the horse I’m riding can’t crack me in the nose. Plus it’s nice to have a little extra leverage for those moments where his head gets super high and he gets super strong. It’s made me feel a lot more comfortable!

You can see the rings of the running martingale starting to pull the reins down in this screencap. He was in the process of thinking about chucking his head into my face.

I’m still fussing with the fit of the martingale, but I’m happy with the changes for the time being! There will come a time when I can switch back to a regular noseband and no martingale, but for now our gear has me feeling very confident with the level of control I have over my unorthodoxly giant steed.

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