An Update on the Tredstep Donatello

An Update on the Tredstep Donatello

This one had a naughty title (something along the lines of “I Hate These #$@%*!ing Boots”), but in honor of the soft, supple leather of my new Tredstep boots, I decided to keep it classy with a family friendly version.

They're nothing if not classy.
Tredstep boots are nothing if not classy.

These Tredstep Donatello and I have had a rocky relationship (and that’s not including that heartbreaking moment when I performed a Return-to-Sender on their skinnier counterpart). When we first met I wasn’t sure that we were going to work out, but after some convincing from The Trainer I tossed my hallowed return label into the trash and resigned myself to giving this relationship a shot. Who knows, sometimes you take a chance on a person pair of boots and things end up working out…

The Donatello make their lesson debut.

Then we entered a period of adjustment in our relationship. We went on a few dates together, but something was missing, so I added in the dinky pair of heel lifts that had been included in the Donatello’s original packaging. Then I threw those out. Then I bought real inserts (AKA $3.50 pieces of orthopedic foam from Fred Meyer, because classy, remember?). Then I put those in and then took them out and then put them in again (with The Pony patiently waiting while I fussed). Then, when our relationship became ironically snug, I cut the inserts in half.

At this point, the boots are okay. They’re rubbing in some places and they’re still stiff, so it’s hard to keep my heels down and my feet in my irons, but overall I’m glad I kept them. I think once they’re broken in they’ll be a great investmenteven if I miss the comfort and familiarity of my synthetic monsters every time I lose an iron.

Collection of Boots
My collection is growing…

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