Weekly Riding Recap: August 15-18

Weekly Riding Recap: August 15-18

Horse camp combined with prep for our show on Sunday means that my days have been long, hot, and exhausting. The Trainer jammed a couple of extra lessons in this week (even though they clear the lesson schedule for horse camp, because she’s just that spectacular), so The Show Buddy and I had a chance to polish our coursework. Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday and Tuesday were boring. I was too hot Monday afternoon, so I ended up just having a very short walk/trot ride before I went home. Tuesday I practiced my braids for the show and then went for a short w/t/c bareback jaunt (with a bareback pad, because black breeches + palomino = no).

Wednesday morning I practiced my braids again and we did a quick fifteen minute bareback session at the working trot. That night we also had a jump lesson. The Trainer set up two jumps and then combined equitation patterns with the line (like a hunter hack class). We had some awesome figure 8’s, simple lead changes, and halts. She also threw in my first 2’0″ oxer, which was an exercise in not dying.

Thursday morning I helped The Show Buddy set up the course for the horse camp hunter/jumper demo. Mid morning she went to school her horse Teak over it and ended up eating dirt when she took a jump and he, well, didn’t. Only a couple of hours later one of our campers took a tumble off of our new lesson horse, Toby, who got a little disorganized heading into some ground rails at the trot and ended up leaping over them instead. Then I, of course, followed suit with a fall of my own in our jumping lesson.

I could describe the fall in all of its glorious detail, but here’s a convenient GIF instead:

My legs felt like Jello and I forgot to count my stride coming out of the corner. 🙁

At some point I remembered to say, “Whoa, Pony!” and she stopped and held me up for all of a few milliseconds until she decided I was just too heavy, bless her little soul. She set me down unceremoniously in the dirt, where I immediately sprang up and fixed The Pony’s bridle, since I had pulled most of the headstall off of her ears in the process of belly-sliding my way down her neck.

Of course, then we had to find my crop, which was buried in the dirt after my failure of a fall…

All in all, a very awesome lesson. The Show Buddy and I were cracking up, and before I ate dirt The Pony and I cruised around the course at cross rail height in preparation for the show on Sunday. Cross rails are starting to feel pretty straightforward, so I’m confident we’re ready for our show on Sunday!

Sweaty breeches and a lot of silliness!

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