Weekly Riding Recap: December 26-January 1

Weekly Riding Recap: December 26-January 1

Another wonky week because of the holidays… 🙂

Monday (post-Christmas) was a fun day! My pseudo-brother Joey was in town, so I brought him with me. I lunged Ezhno out, warmed him up with some walk/trot/canter work to check out his sanity, and then put Joey on to putz around at the walk/trot. Ezhno was a very good boy for him, despite Joey’s complete n00bness and his sans-spurs tennis shoes. Joey and I even convinced Ezhno to do a little bit of his chill western jog—Ezhno’s made progress since I had Missy and Merri out to meet him!

Tuesday we jumped another notch up (so around 18″?). We warmed up walk/trot for a long time (I kind of zoned out, lol), then checked out his canter (organized, not pretty). I trotted him into the jump and he jumped me right out of my tack the first time, which was a nice change of pace. We worked on the idea of waiting for me at the base of the jump. He did well, though we had one time where he got discombobulated, so we knocked the whole entire jump down, standards and all.

We took Wednesday off and then I had a doctor’s appointment early Thursday morning that left me sore (damn tetanus shot!), so I popped on a bareback pad and cruised around walk/trot over some ground poles and stuff like that.

Friday was exciting, though! The Show Buddy and I met up at the stable in the morning and set up a whole crew of jumps (one diagonal line, an outside line, and a bending line, plus an extra cavaletti thrown in for fun). We kicked things off with the jumps set up as cross rails, then moved everything up to the 18″ that I was jumping on Tuesday and had a ball schooling over them. Ezhno was clumsy as always (we knocked down quite a few rails). But we also cantered into jumps quite a few times and I only felt semi-close to taking a tumble once, which I consider a success since Big Horse still isn’t doing a great job of waiting for me to tell him to jump and is instead taking some really weird distances. It was really fun and the Show Buddy and I are planning to do it again soon.

We ended the week in a pretty chill way; I had a light walk/trot/canter ride on Saturday using the Show Buddy’s bareback pad (I wanted to try out her brand of pad before I ordered a bareback pad of my own, which should be here tomorrow). We did some more ground pole stuff and leg yielded between some cones. Then we took Sunday off for New Year’s.

The past couple of weeks has been fun, but I’m glad to be back to our regularly scheduled lessons this week!

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