Goals for 2017 (part II)

Goals for 2017 (part II)

On top of my original Goals for 2017 post, Trainer A and Trainer M have asked all of their students to write down a set of time-based goals that we want to focus on this year. Specifically, we were all required to set a three month, a six month, and an end of year goalall three of which needed to be directly related to showing in our chosen discipline (which disqualified almost all of my goals, lol). I figured these three goals deserved a post of their own, since they got left out!

3 MONTHSBe confident cantering into jumps.

Because let’s face it, we’re not going to get anywhere if we have to trot into everything. Ezhno’s canter is more balanced and controllable than it was three months ago (huge improvement!), but he gets sloppy and rushes when he sees a jump, which means we end up taking some incredibly awkward distances. As things stand, jumping from the canter is pretty much a crapshoot and there have been a couple of instances where a solid lower leg is the only thing that (barely) saved me from eating dirt.

6 MONTHSShow at 2’0″ (AKA get to the Triforce Ring!).

This one was technically already in my main goal post, but I thought it was fitting that this was my six month show goal. July is the height of schooling show season and six months gives us plenty of time to school 2’0″+ at home and attend a couple of shows at lower heights before we tackle the fancy jumps in the Triforce Ring. Will we have a clear round? Probably not because Big Horse is clumsy, but as long as we don’t have any refusals I can accept a couple of faults from lazy feet.

END OF YEAR Get Ezhno ready for his flying changes.

Uncoordinated as he is, Big Horse is going to have to figure himself out because I want those flying lead changes. I’ve never even been on a horse that can do a flying lead change (let alone trained a horse how to do them), but I’ve gotten Ez to do them a couple of times on the lunge line, so I at least know he has the physical capacity to fumble his way through one. I see more canter work (especially lateral haunches/shoulder in work) and a lot of simple lead changes in our future…

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