Behind the Name (Ezhno)

Behind the Name (Ezhno)

There’s a game going around on Facebook right now where horse owners post a picture of their horse and a picture representing his name, then people try to guess the name of the horse. Needless to say, Big Horse is a particularly hard challenge compared to most of the horses at my barn… why’s he got to have such a weird name?!

If you don’t already know his barn name, this is pretty much impossible.

When I originally bought Ezhno, I came up with a couple of different names for him on the plane ride back to Washington. My #1 option was Amos (as in Alexander Amosu, designer of one of the world’s most expensive bottles of champagne). It was cute, different, and vaguely related to his registered name… but then I spent some time with him and Ezhno just seemed to fit.

The name Ezhno is Native American in origin (which is unsurprising, considering that he’s very clearly a Paint). It’s a sad name (which reminds me of how sad his face was when I first meant him) and it means something along the lines of:

solitary (“He Walks Alone”)

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