5 thoughts on “Longines Hong Kong 2017

  1. lol, just watched the GP on Monday and the speed challenge yesterday. Awesome 😀 I always feel I learn a lot from watching these things.

    1. Me too! The more I learn, the more I can see when I watch the pros compete and the more exciting it gets. I must have sounded like a loon, I kept yelling at the TV and cringing. I picked Caribis Z as my fav after I saw his first round @1:07:45 (he look so elegant and that one wall eye, man, he’s so handsome), so I was super excited when he won @2:17:35. Really impressed with how a couple of them handled refusals at that big panel fence. Also, Van Gogh looked terrifying to ride (@48:23), he really booked it to the fences.

      1. Yes I remember wondering how they managed to stick those refusals!! Superglue maybe? My fav will allways be Jane Richard Philips, been a fan ever since I saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7BdLUji-DY (that’s a speedclass, which she won, while making it look like a hunter round, wtf lol) Plus she seems to ride in a snaffle most of the time which is even more of a testament to her skills as she’s TINY and there’s no way she can use her weight to get the horse to turn/slow. Plus she seems like a really nice person. (I freaked out the other day when I found out she gives clinic ‘camps’ of a week to a month at her stables in italy D: One day I will ride well enough to go to one of those lol.)

        If you havent watched the speedclass please do so!! Especially if you thought Van Gogh’s speed to fences looked terrifying… :p

        1. Alright, I’m starting the speed class as I type this (man, that’s a big circle of jumps right in the middle!). I don’t think it’s so much the speed of Van Gogh that looked terrifying, it was just the way he ran. Like I can imagine riding him, keeping count of his strides in my head, and then he locks onto the fence and it’s like “Count? WHAT COUNT?” because he just takes off so drastically.

          I don’t usually follow show jumping, so I can’t say I have a favorite picked out. If I had to pick an event that I most enjoy watching, it’s probably the cross country portion of eventing, but honestly I really need to start watching more competition videos in general.

          1. Cross country is fun to watch, but terrifying xD Give me loose poles any day!! I’ve been following Show Jumping mostly, used to follow dressage when I was younger, i remember finding show jumping so boring!! hahah.

            That big circle of jumps is awesome, I wanna try jumping that (if they put it down just a couuuuple of holes lol) Have fun watching!!

            I was watching this and it looks so fun, Wish they had stuff like this at my barn xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECqx9ffg9nU

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