Blog Hop: Who can ride my horse?

Blog Hop: Who can ride my horse?

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of owning a horse that only I could ride. My thinking was that our bond would be so undeniably powerful that my horse would reject anyone elsehow ridiculous!

Since I’ve come back to riding as an adult (hell yeah, re-rider status!), my outlook on the equestrian arts has changed dramatically. No longer do I want to ride a fire-breathing dragon whose antics scare away even the most talented of riders. Instead I prefer the comfort and safety of a kick ridea horse who takes everything with a good sense of humor, who never spooks and rarely misbehaves, and who makes me feel confident no matter what.

Literally a kick ride. He was the laziest ever when I test rode him.

Which brings us to the question of the week around the blogosphere:

Who’s allowed to ride my horse?

And the answer is pretty simple: almost anyone. Just like Nicole from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management and Olivia from hellomylivia, my ultimate goal is to make Ezhno as ridable as possible. After all, the easier he is to ride, the less work I have to do in the saddle and the more resale options he has should something unfortunate happen.

Not that anyone could resist this cute face.

At the stage in his training he’s at right now (at least, the stage he was at pre-lameness), I would probably only trust a few key people (Trainer A, Trainer M, and the Show Buddy) to put consistent hours on him if I were to, say, leave for a long vacation or break a leg or otherwise be out of the saddle for more than a week or two, but in terms of day to day riding I’m open to letting almost anyone on him, from complete beginners to the talented 4-H girls that ride at my stable.

Case and point: babysitter Ezhno carting around all of my non-horse friends.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Who can ride my horse?

  1. Cute horse <3
    I agree with your sentiment too – a horse than anyone can ride is more valuable & therefore has a more secure future.

    1. Thanks, he’s not bad looking. 😛
      The hallmark of good training is a horse that can be successfully ridden by riders of all different levels.
      I’ll have to check out your blog, I’ll add it to my Bloglovin subscriptions! 🙂

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