Adding Art to the Blog

Adding Art to the Blog

I’ve never mentioned it on this blog, but I’m pretty much a commercial quality pony artist.

THE MAJESTIC UNICORN FAMILY ($150.00 – table not included)

Alright, so maybe I did that with Expo markers on a table at work (much to the amusement of the kids I was tutoring at the time)—but it’s still a masterpiece, right? Look at how beefy that stallioncorn is!

My interest in equine art started back in my preteen days, when I was a member of a small online horse SIM called Equiverse. I was more there for the chatroom and the message boards than the game itself, but one of the gameplay elements that I really got into was the market for customized nametags featuring small portraits of horses. Here’s a small sampling of the tags I made back back in the day (left) and a another set of tags I made in 2014 (right):

Horses are the one thing I feel that I can draw well, so over the past year when I’ve had spurts of inspiration to dabble in digital art, horses have been my main subject. Here’s a look at how my painting skills progressed in 2016:

First attempt at painting a horse over a reference.
Second attempt at painting a horse (this time over a Marwari reference).
Third attempt, this time using an Oldenburg stallion as a reference.

I have a couple of unfinished paintings of Ezhno started (and trashed), too. Here are a few of them:

Recently I’ve had the urge to pick up painting again. I find layering color down on a digital canvas soothing, and the only reason I stopped painting was because my technology quit cooperating (I’m looking at you, Huion H610 Pro 🙁 ). But recently I’ve found a software called Krita that agrees with my off brand tablet better than Photoshop did, which means that painting is an option again! Here’s the first thing I painted with Krita, a portrait of the $900 Facebook Pony‘s new colt, Presto, who’s been in critical care for the past few days with a couple of nasty stomach bugs:

That’s about 45 minutes worth of work (not counting the twenty minutes I spent trying to decide on background colors, LOL), with a couple of extra minutes in photoshop tweaking the contrast/brightness. It was just enough time to get a cute sketch done and to realize that Krita is fantastic and that I can’t wait to work on some longer projects with it.

TL;DR: Hopefully you’ll be seeing some art on this blog! 🙂

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