Ezhno & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Vet Check

Ezhno & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Vet Check

I mentioned that during our fancy photoshoot a couple of Fridays ago, we had “some mishaps”… Well, during one of what could possibly have been the last few days Ezhno and I were supposed to have together, my idiot gelding did the unthinkable: he put in one last-ditch effort to prove that he could be a jumper.

“I’m the greatest jumper ever,” said Ezhno NEVER.

When my friend and I got to the barn that morning, Ezhno was a mess. It was like he had sensed that we were coming out to take photos and intentionally made himself as dirty as possible so that I’d have to give him a scrubbing before we could get started.

“i hate dis wash rack” D:<

After the bath, we headed out to the large outdoor arena, shut the gate behind us, and then started posing for some adorable photographs (you can check them out on the Gallery page!). Right off the bat, wet Ezhno was making clear signs that he wanted to roll in the nice coarse sand footing KW has in the outdoor arena. Once we had a good collection of pictures, I decided to take off his halter so that we could get some cute rolling photos, then I’d take him back to his stall so that we could start with Raglan.

Of course, instead of waiting for me to catch him after his roll like the good horse he is (at least most of the time), he sprung to his feet and took off bucking. He galloped a couple of laps while I scrubbed my face in exasperation, then made a dramatic turn and, before I could sprint to the edge of the arena to head him off, made an attempt to launch himself over the gate.

Ez running like a maniac while I casually try to cut him off, just a few seconds before he doubled back and aimed for the gate you can see in the background.

He failed, obviously. Instead he stopped halfway through his jump, leaving his front legs hooked over the top bar of the gate. He struggled for a few terrifying seconds (breaking the gate’s post in the process) and then unhooked himself and took off at a gallop again. I hurried to the gate to prevent any further attempts, then threw my hands into the air when he came back my way. He skittered to a halt, his head all the way up in the air and his nostrils quivering. I think he would have taken off again, but we’ve been working on coming to me when I whistle, so I used that to get him focused just long enough to catch him.

He didn’t look any worse for wear (outside of a scrape on the back of his front left foreleg), so we carried on with our photoshoot with Rags. Then on Saturday I put Ezhno on the lunge and he looked like he was doing just fine (outside of one dumb stumble), so I wiped my brow in relief and thanked my lucky stars for my good fortune (plus took a short bareback ride on him, where he felt awesome).

Flash forward to his vet check on Monday, when #theworldsworsthorse jogs off with a Grade 2 lameness in his left front. Oh, and he’s fat and the weird gunk at the base of his mane could be a sign of cancer. 😐

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Went to the barn expecting my horse to be falling apart after his vet check, lo and behold he looks like a horse. 😑 Pretty sure he's found something in his stall to catch his face on, just can't figure out what. As for the lameness, he looks fine in his tiny paddock, I didn't lunge him but judging by how he look on Saturday when I did lunge him he certainly isn't about to lose a limb. Stiffness through his right hind is expected from his history (plus with the diagonal pair slightly lame), and we knew he'd need hock injections at some point anyways. Not sure what's up with the mane crud, but I'll buy wormer and shampoo it and it should be fine (but if someone has experience with it, let me know!). All in all, he looks like a horse that just got moved to a new place and has a mean new neighbor (Rags!). 😂

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The vet prescribed a couple of weeks of stall rest (oh joy) plus a trim for his tootsies (which are at the end of their shoeing cycle). I also went ahead and cut his grain, wormed him with Ivermectin, and gave him another bath to help clean the scabbing at the base of his mane. As for what he’s cutting his face on… we have no idea. Quite a few of us have looked around his stall in hopes of finding something sharp or dangerous, but no luck in that department.

As of right now, he’s got about another week of stall rest left to go and then his potential new owner wants to take him back out to the vet for a lameness exam before she decides whether or not to put in an offer.

The joys of selling a horse, am I right? 😀

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