Farrier Day for the Boys

Farrier Day for the Boys

When Ezhno needed his hooves done back in early June, I really thought I’d found a great farrier. He seemed knowledgeable and polite, plus he was quick to answer my calls and get me an appointment in his books. Unfortunately, when I called said farrier a couple of weeks ago, he sent me a couple of noncommittal text messages and then promptly disappeared into the void. 🙁

Lucky for me, LilyO hooked me up with her and TeeqO‘s farrier!

Ezhno had his front feet trimmed/shod with new shoes and then had his backs pulled/trimmed. The farrier trimmed a lot off of the outside edge of his front feet (they weren’t level), plus put him in more size appropriate shoes (his were too big). He wants to keep him in fronts because he has a club foot (left front). His back feet were quick work, just a trim and a little re-balancing. He warned that Ezhno might be a little sore over the next week or so because the change in his fronts was going to affect the movement up through his leg, but it was going to help improve him over the long run.
Raglan wasn’t due (he had his feet done right before I bought him), but I wanted the farrier to look at him anyways (TrainerM told me he was in desperate need of a good farrier, LOL). Raglan’s front feet were very unevenly sized, so the farrier pulled his shoes (some sort of square toe shoe that the farrier didn’t like all that much) and then trimmed down just one of his fronts so that they match. There’s a lot he wants to work on with Raglan’s feet, but he can’t do much until they grow out. Rags was a little hesitant on the gravel and the farrier said he was going to take some time to adjust to going without his shoes.

This is the fourth farrier that’s seen Ezhno since I bought him. He spent a few cycles being shod by the SEC’s in house farrier, then when he came back from his time off I started shopping around in hopes of finding one that would be willing to talk/teach while he worked. I wanted someone that would explain the ins and outs of farrier work to me so that I’d have a better understanding of my horse’s biomechanics. For me, it’s important that my farrier and I have a strong rapport that lets me learn as much as possible.

The farrier made some big changes, so I wasn’t super surprised when I came the next day and found myself with two lame ponies. Both of them had a noticeable short stride through their front end, plus a bit of a head bob that made it clear that they were limping. Ezhno looked stiff and Rags was stumbling like a drunken idiot over the gravel, which matched up with their trim situations, so I wasn’t too concerned.

Moping Ezhno and hobbling Rags, LOL

Of course, when they were still lame on Sunday, I started to freak out a little bit. I started sending TrainerM texts and furiously googling things like “horse lame after farrier” and “lame horse just shod” and “horse lame after shoes pulled”, etc. I was convinced their feet were going to fall right off! 😆

So it’s not surprising at all that when I came out to the barn yesterday both of them were mostly fine. Ezhno’s still a little stiff (probably residual soreness from the changes in his feet causing changes in his musculature), but he’s not limping anymore. Raglan’s still a delicate flower on the gravel (and slightly uncomfortable in the nice arena footing) but he’s not anywhere near as much of a pansy as he was being.

Anyone else out there with a horse that likes to make a fool of you by making a miraculous recovery the moment you start to ask for advice?

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