Lazy Days and Fake Trail Rides

Lazy Days and Fake Trail Rides

Yeah, my work ethic is still zilch. Luckily I have a horse with an equally languorous outlook on life, so instead of spending our rides drilling simple lead changes and lateral work to prepare for flying changes, Ezhno and I have been putzing around the arena for ten minutes and then wandering down the driveway.

We also spent a whole day just lounging out in one of the turnout paddocks. Ezhno got to roll, give a cute mare some kisses, and then graze to his heart’s content while I set up a camping chair and fruitlessly tried to do some pre-writing for a novel that I’m planning. In the end I just spent a good hour and a half admiring Ezhno and feeling damn good about my decision not to sell him.

On the days we’ve been feeling slightly more motivated (well, one of us at least) we’ve been doing some groundwork. We’ve been working on our sidepass, turn on the haunches, and turn on the forehand. My hope is that by practicing all of this stuff from the ground, Ezhno will get a better idea of how to organize his feet to do the movements correctly while I’m in the saddle. He’s not a very coordinated fellow, but he catches on to what I’m asking pretty quickly, especially when there are treats involved as an incentive.

We’ve got plans to take a lesson with TrainerA next week (which may or may not incentivize me to find something to work on with Ezhno), then Rags gets his shoes put back on September 8th. In the mean time, though, we’re all enjoying the chill end to our lazy summer days.

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