Brake Controller Installed!

Brake Controller Installed!

I must have the face of a complete sucker, because when I went out to local RV shop to talk to someone about putting a brake controller in my truck they quoted me a whopping $573. I gave them a blank stare, politely took one of their business cards, and then laughed all the way back home. 60 seconds of Google searching later, I crawled under the dash to check the truck’s wiring.

Brake controller port circled in pink. Look for the diagnostic port at the front underneath the dash, then the square port you’re looking for should be right behind it (at least in a Ford).

Once I was sure that the wiring for the brake controller was already in the truck (thank you, Universe), I went onto Amazon and dropped $125 on a Tekonsha P3 and a Ford wiring adapter.

Two days later, I wedged myself back under the dash board and… literally just plugged it in.

It seems to be working. It turned right on and immediately started complaining that it couldn’t find a trailer for it to control, so I must have done something right. So I find myself wondering… why the hell did the RV shop want $450 just to plug a damn box in?

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