In a State of Soundness Limbo

In a State of Soundness Limbo

The farrier put shoes back on Rags—and so began a very confusing saga. On the Saturday after his appointment he was 80% better. On Tuesday he was back down to like 40%. But on Wednesday he was at 95%. I was so pumped, I thought we were in the clear because he looked so good! Then on Thursday he was back down to 80%, and on Saturday he was at 85%, and then… well he just looked terrible againand so on and so on until I finally lost my patience and tossed him in his stall to save myself a little heartache.

I’ve literally gotten on him exactly once since he got his shoes put back on. 🙁

At this point I’m not sure what’s up. Remnants of sensitivity from his time spent shoeless? Adjusting to shoes/changes in feet? A stone bruise? Something far, far worse? (Ugh, please don’t say the words “soft tissue” to me, I can’t take it.) Color me baffled, I have no clue. What I do know is that I only spent $1,000 on him, which means I guess I just have to chuck all of that money I saved into this mystery.

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I’ve got an appointment with the vet for next Friday. She was coming out anyways to give the boys part two of their strangles vaccination, so if Raglan isn’t at 100% by then I’ll have her do a lameness evaluation on him, too. At the least we should be able to narrow it down to foot vs. other parts.

So ready to be riding this lug again. 🙁
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