A: Enter Working Trot

A: Enter Working Trot

There’s only so long that I can putz around pretending to be a cowboy before I literally want to dissolve myself in a pit of acid. I’ve never been under the delusion that I’m destined for Western Pleasure greatness and working on Ezhno’s lope has been like watching paint dry, so it was time for a change of pace.

I’ve never done a dressage test. Training 1 is very straightforward, though, so I broke it into pieces, rode each section separately, and then stitched it all together once or twice before I had LeaserS come video us.

Ezhno’s never done dressage before, either, so I’m actually pretty proud of this! There’s a lot of stuff that we need to work on, but I think this is a great representation of where we’re at now and the things we need to work on to improve the overall picture we present in Training 1.

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