Vets & Farriers & Pads, Oh My!

Vets & Farriers & Pads, Oh My!

The vet was back out Friday afternoon to finish up the second part of the strangles vaccine for my bois. She also looked over Raglan’s medical history, asked a lot of questions about the soundness saga, and watched him on the lunge line (he even showed her his kite impression LOL). I had a general idea of what I thought my next steps should be and I was happy to hear that she had the same opinion as me.

1.) Pads on his feet… 2.) Bute for six days… 3.) Try a joint supplement.

When you text your farrier a few hours before your appointment and pretty much double his workload (plus your 5yo OTTB is SO SQUIRRELY) but he’s too awesome to say no 😎

He didn’t do any trimming for Rags since it had only been three weeks since he was shod, he just pulled his shoes, tacked the pads onto the shoes, trimmed the pads down, and then nailed the shoes back on. The pads themselves are really cool! They’re supposed to absorb around 60% of the vibrations that run through his shoes, plus they provide coverage for the soles of his feet.

Yes I asked if they come in pink. Yes FarrierN made fun of me. 😛

The thought is that we took off his shoes, his feet said “no thank you”, then when we put shoes back on but they kept feeling bad whenever the dirt got packed up in them. When he took a few steps and the dirt loosened up the pressure got better so he took a few good steps, then it packed back in and he took a few bad steps, and so on. (At least that’s the hope, because the alternative is sucky.)

I’ve got my fingers majorly crossed, because the vet and I had a Serious Discussion and if our three punch combo doesn’t put us back on track then she said that I should probably “cut bait”.

I don’t want to have to cut bait. Look at how cute this bait is!

In the mean time Ezhno is doing his part for this family by going barefoot so that I don’t have to stare at my farrier bill with a forlorn expression on my face and then wonder whether or not the neighbors would notice if I just threw both of my horses in my backyard for the winter.

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