Ezhno goes back to school!

Ezhno goes back to school!

With Rags back in semi working order and me picking up a small private tutoring gig to help pay for two ponies, my free time has dwindled. At some point I’m going to have to sit down and draw up a schedule of which horse(s) I’ll ride what days, but for now I decided to capitalize on the fact that TrainerA still owes me a month of part time training from all the volunteer work I did for them over the summer, so…

Ezhno will be back in part time training for the next month so that TrainerA can work on his canterlope. I’ll probably still hop on him once or twice a week (so he’ll be getting ridden four or five times a week). I’m excited to see how he progresses, I think they’re going to make a lot of great improvements!

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