A Quick Tour of KW

A Quick Tour of KW

Way back in December I wrote a post giving a tour of the SEC. Now that I’ve been at KW for a little over three months, I figured that it’s probably time to do a tour of the new facilities!

KW is only a couple of minutes away from the freeway, but the woods around the stables gives the whole facility a very private, quiet feel. It’s a few turns off of one of the area’s main streets, down a long driveway that swoops around BarnOwnerK’s house and leads to the barn and the outdoor arena.

The whole place has a very rural, cozy feel to it. I love that the owner lives on site and the grounds are always well manicured. The driveway leading into KW is often filled with chickens. Ezhno even made friends with some of the neighbor’s goats on one of our walks down the drive!

KW’s main structure is built around a 62′ by 132′ indoor arena with “professionally installed, rock free, virtually dust free, cushioned, sand/clay/loam/mix footing”. The footing is nice. Not only that, but BarnOwnerK is very serious about keeping it in good condition. She routinely does awesome things like adding truckloads of C-33 sand and bags of MAG flakes to ensure that our environment is 0% dust. 😀

There are 12.5′ by 12′ matted stalls with auto-waterers on both sides of the arena. The side of the barn that I usually inhabit has five stalls with large 20′ by 100′ attached paddocks, while the far side of the barn has four stalls with smaller 16′ by 30′ paddocks. Both sides have a matted aisle with cross ties.

There are heated tack rooms on both aisles. They’re big enough that everyone has space to put a storage tub or two (though boarders usually keep their Husky tubs out in the aisle, where they can easily reach them while they tack up). Everyone gets two saddle racks. Mine can get sort of crazy. 😛

The far side of the barn also has a matted hot water wash rack where its fifth stall would normally be.

Out behind the main barn are two paddocks (I’d guess they’re around 20′ by 100′) that are open to boarder use. They can be used for temporary board (one of the 4-H girls kept her adorable gaming horse there while she was preparing for fair!) or for turnout (so that the horses with smaller paddocks can stretch their legs).

In front of the main barn is the smaller barn where Ezhno and Rags are housed. They’re the smallest stall/paddock combinations at KW (but also the cheapest). There are two stalls in the barn, plus storage space for hay. There’s no tack locker, so I store my tack in the main barn and bring my horses in to tack up.

At the front of the property, next to BarnOwnerK’s house, is the 80′ by 130′ outdoor arena. It has all weather coarse washed sand for footing. Also, Ezhno thinks the trees are scary.

When I moved away from the SEC, my main concern was that I would find the peaceful atmosphere stifling. But while KW has less activity than the SEC, I haven’t found the change of pace too disconcerting. There’s definitely a lot of people that I miss from my old barn, but I love the level of care that Ezhno and Raglan are getting. At some point I forsee moving to a place that has more room to jump in the arena, but for now my horses are super happy hereand that makes me happy, too!

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