Moving Forward with Raglan

Moving Forward with Raglan

When last we left off FarrierN and I had slapped a pair of pads on Raglan in hopes of fixing the problems he’d developed when we’d originally taken his shoes off back in August. The vet had cleared us to ride, so long as we were cautious about his workload and kept a close eye on his soundness. At this point it’s been two weeks since I started riding him again and Raglan’s gotten right back to work without so much as a hitch in his stepand by that I mean that he’s back to his normal fussy yet smart/athletic self.

Fussy pony says, “gimme dem cheerios”

Raglan’s trot has been fantastic. He’s very good at stretching his neck out and down (almost too good; sometimes he goes from “pleasant stretch into contact” to “I’mma pull you right out of the saddle”). I’ve been adding in small moments where I’m trying to explain that putting my leg on can mean forward or it can mean that I want his body to bend when we’re in a corner or turning a circle. We’ve even done a few steps of leg yield/half pass here and there! It’s a fragile balancing act, though, because when he gets confused his reaction is to slam on the breaks and refuse to go forward, which is no bueno.

TrainerM was out at the barn to ride Ezhno yesterday and wanted to know how Rags and I were doing but didn’t have time to stick around and watch me ride, so here’s a look at the video I sent her:

He’s feeling good enough that I went ahead and pulled the trigger on our very first schooling show! The Ready to Ride team is planning to haul in a whole boatload of horses for the November 5th Eagle Mountain Schooling Show, so I’ve added Raglan and I to the list. We’re also at the point where we feel like we might be ready to start working on the canter. I made the mistake of telling this to TrainerA (in the context of “something to work on after the show”LOL YEAH RIGHT), so now we’re tentatively penciled in for Friday so that TrainerA can get our canter sorted out.

I would NOT like to be on him when he does this

All in all, things are going super well! Once we’ve got all three gaits available to us I’m confident that we’ll be able to start introducing ground poles and cross rails into our riding routine, which means that we’re on the right path towards being able to show over fences in the summer.

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