A Weird Day of Teaching Lessons

A Weird Day of Teaching Lessons

I taught seven lessons last Saturday. That’s right, I was at the barn teaching the next generation of riders from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 at nightwhew. I went into it kind of daunted (I’ve got serious Imposter Syndrome when it comes to teaching horseback riding lessons, at least until the riders are on their horses and then it’s like the floodgates open), but I ended up having a lot of fun!


That being said, Saturday was weird. It was like Mercury was in retrograde or something. I was like three seconds into my first lesson of the day and I turned around to go get some cones and one of the girls shouted my name across the arena and I turned around and one of the horses had layed down to try to roll.

Thanks for the laughs, Toby. The girls giggled the whole lesson!

A few hours later one of my fearless young riders slid gracefully off of her horse when she tried to turn a circle without her stirrups. It was like the whole thing happened in slo-mo! I’ve never had a rider fall off during a lesson before. At least the first time was a very laid back affair!

Player was very good! He even waited politely while he was collected post-fall.

And then there was the lesson horse that stepped on a cone, got her foot stuck in it, and then proceeded to walk around with a cone on her foot. I had to literally go and pick up her foot and pull the cone off.

Of course I took a picture. Who do you think I am?

I made it through to the other side, though! And then I changed into a cute dress/thermal leggings/leather jacket and went out to the local showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (complete with crops and hecklers in the crowds, if you’ve never done it before I highly recommend it because it was a total blast!).

All in all a very long and eventful Saturday! Hopefully next time things will be a little more chill. 😄

Said goodbye to the Pony and then headed out to the movie!
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