Say Hello to SundaeO

Say Hello to SundaeO

I mentioned in a previous post that I picked up a side gig to help boost my income a bit. One of TrainerA’s clients was looking for a part time tutor to help her daughter with some schoolwork and to supervise some of her pony time, and since petting ponies and solving math problems is pretty much my jam, I jumped on the opportunity to earn a little extra cash while doing what I love.

SundaeO and her pony are so cute together 😍

SundaeO got her adorable little pinto pony for Christmas last year! They kept Sundae at home for a little while, then recently moved her down the road to a local self-care place for the winter to cut back on mud and so that they’d have access to an arena where TrainerA can give her lessons once a week.

SundaeO is a good rider! Sometimes she needs a little encouragement to be more confident, but she does a great job bossing her opinionated pony around. We’ve talked about her goals and she’s interested in performance riding (maybe 4-H someday!) and a little bit of gaming. It’s really fun watching her make progress! We just got her cantering her pony, which is super exciting. 😀

SundaeO is on vacation down in Arizona for Thanksgiving, so I’ve been checking in on her pony and tossing her some hay every day. I’m also supposed to take her out and exercise her a few times while SundaeO is gone, so on Tuesday I tacked her up and took her for a ride! Her steering was a little bit wonky at first, but once we got each other figured out we worked a little bit on bending through circles, changing directions in figure 8’s, and dropping her nose down when I put leg on.

I’m having a lot of fun getting to know SundaeO and her pony! There’s something so heartwarming about watching young riders make progress with their horses. 😊

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