An Unseasonably Warm Day

An Unseasonably Warm Day

The day before Thanksgiving was strange. I pulled into the barn with the temperature clocking in at a balmy (and by balmy I mean grossly humid) 63°. I was walking around in a tank top in the middle of November and all of the rubber mats in the middle of the aisles were wet with condensation—it was beyond weird.

Needless to say, the extreme weather change put the horses in odd moods, too.

When I went to put Ezhno outside one of the other horses got upset and started running laps around his paddock, which put a little extra prance in Ezhno’s step once he was let loose. The other horse ended up sweating so much we had to put his cooler on, plus he threw a hind shoe. Then TrainerA showed up and the chillest horse in the barn ran wild circles around her on the lunge line. The cute little gaming mare we have in residence was a bit of a vixen for her teenage rider, too.

And then there was Raglan, who completely forgot that leg means go forward and every time I asked him to trot he slammed on the brakes and tried to go flying backwards instead. 😓

If the weather could just pick one consistent temperature and stick with it, that’d be great. It’s hard to get anything done when all of the horses are out of their minds and it takes an hour+ for Raglan’s sweat to dry.

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