Ezhno’s New Adventure

Ezhno’s New Adventure

Sunday morning I had a unique visitor come out to look at Ezhno! She’d seen his ad on Facebook and sent me a message asking if Ez might be a good fit as a trail horse for her significant other (husband? boyfriend? long-term partner? they have a six month old baby and are a very cute couple!).

Normally I try not to share too many photos of other people on here, but this was too good to resist.

Do you recognize this beautiful gelding?

Yesterday Ezhno officially went home with SellerH, the young woman that sold me Raglan!

SellerH is a part-time vet tech/part-time horse trainer that buys, breaks, and then resells local project horses. She’s a multi-talented rider, but her heart belongs to the hunter ring. Her favorite project horses are recently off-the-track Thoroughbreds. She scoops them up, puts the first 60+ days of retraining on them, and then passes them onto hopeful amateurs like me for a small profit.

Forever grateful to her for the great start she gave my giant horse 😘

Since I bought Raglan, I’ve seen SellerH a couple of times. She saw some of the photography I did over the summer (man I miss outdoor shows, is it spring yet?) and has had me out a few times to take sales photos for her. She gets high quality pictures and I get to practice with my camera, it’s a win-win situation!

I was super excited to have her out to see Ezhno! She loved how soft and easy to ride Ez was. SellerH’s SO is definitely a beginner. He hasn’t been riding for long, but he’s a physically fit guy with a confident personality. Ezhno definitely tried to take advantage of his lack of horse knowledge, but he was nonplussed by my hard-headed horse’s shenanigans. He won’t be riding without SellerH on hand to help him and I think after they spend some time figuring each other out they’ll make a good pair.

When the trailer pulled in yesterday morning Ezhno immediately came outside to see what was going on. We signed some paperwork, put his tub of blankets in the truck, and loaded up my show saddle (which will be with him for the duration of the lease). Once everything was packed and ready to go, I put a halter on Ezhno and led him right up to the trailer. His ears perked up, then he checked out the shavings with his nose, considered the big step up into the trailer, and hopped right in like a good pony. ❤

Now Ezhno is just down the road from my barn, sharing pasture space with SellerH’s broodmares (what a ladies man!). SellerH said he settled in well and that he seems happy, which is all that I can ask for.

So much space to explore! And other horses to socialize with! This’ll be so good for him. ❤❤❤

Don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of EzhnoI’ll post occasional updates on how he’s doing!

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