Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

Last night was hard. As excited as I am to have Ezhno back, I’m also anxious about the financial burden involved. I’ve already got a not-so-small amount of debt, so paying board for two horses makes my stomach clench. And then I started worrying about how Ezhno was settling in at the new facility (which is ridiculous; he’s the most laid back creature ever)… in the end, I decided to take advantage of how close Ezhno’s barn is to my house and swing by on my way home from work.

Look at this beast! He’s clearly in distress! Yeah, he was fine, obviously 😅

I intended to just check in on Ezhno (and SellerH’s horses!), so I didn’t bring in any of my junk. Once I was in the barn, though, I couldn’t help myself. I put Ezhno’s halter on, took him into the dark arena (I couldn’t find the lightswitch LOL), tied his lead rope into a pair of reins, and wiggled my way onto him.

There are days where my fear cripples my ability to ride. But, when it comes down to it, there is no other horse out there I would get on in the dark, in a new place, with his blankets still on, without my helmet, with only just a halter and a lead rope, with absolutely no fear to be felt.

He’ll never be the strongest or the fastest or bravest or the most talented, but he gives me so much.

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