First Photos of the Season!

First Photos of the Season!

If you follow the 2H1O Facebook page, you probably noticed that my latest batch of horse show photos have found a home on their very own site! I’ve got an aggressive photography season mapped out! All of the photo updates will be primarily shared through Facebook, so if you’re interested in my stuff you’ll want to follow the Facebook page or keep an eye on that new website. Here’s a peek at a few of my favs from the schooling show I was at on Sunday (my very first photography outing of the season!):

I also made a GoFundMe for this show season, in case anybody that ends up being photographed wants to donate! My goal is to raise a bit of cash so that I can afford to buy a new-to-me camera body at the end of the season, since my Nikon D40 is over a decade old at this point. 😅

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