Vacation is Over

Vacation is Over

A few weeks ago I lost my gloves (AGAIN). Fun fact about me: my fingers are made of tissue paper—it doesn’t matter what I do, if I’m not wearing gloves I get blisters. With that in mind, when I stopped wearing gloves and my hands didn’t immediately dissolve into a mass of shredded skin and oozing fluids, I probably should have realized that we haven’t been working quite as hard as we should be.

I miss you, gloves 😢 COME BACK TO ME

We’ve been spending most of our time cantering around like loons and jumping over sticks. I literally cannot remember the last time that we had a “dressage” type ride. Definitely not since we moved to 10M!

Yesterday I realized that we should be putting in a little more effort. There are plans on our horizon—including a clinic this weekend and a schooling show later this month! Of course, Raglan doesn’t know about all of these fun plans, so when I picked up my reins and squeezed my calves like I was thinking about getting some actual work done his first reaction was to spook at the rain falling out of the gutter.

The cat was also a source of great terror for him

I didn’t feel like eating dirt, so he ended up on the lunge with the side reins.

After his lunge I got back on prepared to get some real riding done, but it didn’t go very well. I’ve been having some physical problems lately—namely an inexplicable burning pain in the balls of my feet whenever I post the trotso we stayed at the walk so that I could keep my feet out of the irons. I worked on pushing him in front of my leg (without letting my hands wiggle around), then we did some walk-trot and trot-walk transitions, too, since they’re a good way to test whether or not he’s engaged.

I’m excited to be back at the SEC, under the watchful eyes of TrainerA and TrainerM. Hopefully having them around low key supervising will guilt me into working harder. 😅

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